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BTB: Jane Wilkens Michael talks to Randy Jackson on Being Better than Before

Today Jane talks to Randy Jackson, a Grammy Award-winning producer, musician, songwriter, record-industry executive, business entrepreneur, best-selling author, talent manager, television producer and iconic television personality. In addition to his memorable thirteen years as a judge on American Idol, Randy has lent his unique talents to hit records by Smokey Robinson, Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin and Madonna, to name a few. He has also lived in the Rock ‘n’ Roll world, recording and performing with legendary musicians such as Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, Keith Richards, Bon Jovi, as well as countless others. All in all, he has over 1,000 gold and platinum plaques to his name, with collective sales exceeding 200 million copies. Nothing seemed beyond his reach. Yet, two decades ago, Type 2 Diabetes almost proved to be an overwhelming problem. Never one to suffer defeat, Randy has since become a tireless anti-diabetes advocate, striving to educate the public on the steps he has taken since his diagnosis, and what he continues to do to remain healthy. On the show, Randy tells listeners what those lifestyle changes are by sharing his personal health and fitness regimen and anti-stress techniques. Randy also emphasizes the importance of collaborating with your doctor to create a customized treatment plan to help combat illnesses to which those living with diabetes are more susceptible. To that end, he has teamed up with Colgate Total on an important campaign to increase education on oral hygiene and the relationship between diabetes and gum disease.

BTB: Jane Wilkens Michael has A Dialogue with the Delightful Kate Walsh

Podcast: Play in new window | Download DownloadShow URLJane’s guest today is the exquisite and multi-talented Kate Walsh, renowned actress and  businesswoman. To name just a few of her considerable accomplishments, Kate starred for many years in the ABC TV blockbuster drama Grey’s Anatomy and her own star vehicle spin-off, Private Practice, catapulting them both to the number one spot week

Better Than Before with the Amazing Michal Grayevsky

Jane’s guest today, Michal Grayevsky, is one of the world’s most respected and influential women. As a business leader, communications strategist, and former investigative reporter, she is both a powerful and impressive force at the intersection of politics, business, diplomacy and media. In her former role as a journalist for the most widely-read newspaper in Israel, her fearless exposés uncovered sweeping public corruption and spurred major political and human rights reforms. Indeed, she was the first journalist in Israel to reveal sexual harassment by men in positions of power. Currently, as a senior adviser to Ronald S. Lauder, she provides guidance on his business interests and media relationships and also serves as President of JCS International (JCSI), a global media company. Extremely active philanthropically, she sits on the Board of Directors of the UN Women for Peace Association and the International Academy of Arts and Sciences, to name but two. On the show today, Michal and Jane will discuss how growing up in Israel made her especially resilient, helping her grapple with such global issues as Middle East peace while facing the challenges as an executive, a woman a devoted mother of two. Michal will also share her thoughts on the #MeToo movement and where she sees it heading. On a more personal note, she will reveal insights from the highly effective program she created for managing work for interns entitled, “The Ten Commandments of Management,” and how she maintains her beauty, elegance and enviable sense of style through it all.

Better than Before: Jane Wilkens Michael: Speaking with the Stars

Jane’s guest today is Erin Andrews, one of television’s brightest stars and undoubtedly the most famous female sports broadcaster in history. She is FOX Sports’ lead NFL sideline reporter, and this year joined the network’s new Thursday Night Football team. But even those who don’t follow football religiously will know her as the Co-host of ABC’s Dancing With The Stars, which is currently it its 27th season. Erin will talk to Jane about how she balances her work and private life with all she does on a daily basis, how she is able to stay connected to her family when her constant sportscasting assignments keep her on the road, the advice she gives to others whose jobs might also take them away from home, and which athletes and DWTS contestants inspire her the most. On a more personal note, Erin will also discuss her recent diagnosis of cervical cancer and why she decided to share it with the public. To that end, she has teamed up with Hologic on an initiative to mobilize women to take control of their health and ensure they are being regularly tested for this treatable and preventable cancer. Finally, Erin will tell us about her own lifestyle regimen and what encouragement she gives other women who may being going through a health crisis.