GPS Your Career: Bonnie Marcus: Recognizing and Overcoming Gender Bias in the Workplace

GPS Your Career: Bonnie Marcus: Recognizing and Overcoming Gender Bias in the Workplace

In a perfect world, we would all live in a pure meritocracy, where we would be judged soley on our performance. But research shows us that no such thing exists. Though we all want to believe in the meritocracy,  the truth is that decisions about who gets hired, who gets developed and who gets promoted  are often made based on many factors, including assumptions we make and preferences we have based on gender.

This week’s podcast explores the unconscious bias that women face in the workplace, how that affects their advancement, and what needs to be done to overcome this bias.

Featured Guest

Joining me is Anne Weisberg. Anne Weisberg is former Managing Director and Chief Strategy Officer at the FutureWork Institute, a global consulting firm that translates future trends to transform organizations and now Senior Vice President for strategy at the  Families and Work Institute.

Anne is a well-respected leader in the diversity and inclusion field, and has written extensively in the area of gender diversity and work-life integration, including co-authoring the best-selling book, Mass Career Customization: Aligning the Workplace with Today’s Nontraditional Workforce (HBS Press, 2007), The Gender Dividend: Making the Business Case for Investing in Women (Deloitte, 2011), Paths to Power: Advancing Women in Government (Deloitte, 2010) and Everything a Working Mother Needs to Know (Doubleday 1994).

Prior to joining the FutureWork Institute, Anne was Director of Diversity and Inclusion at BlackRock, where she helped launch a women’s leadership forum to accelerate the careers of the firm’s high potential women, oversaw the strategic use of employee networks and imbedded diversity practices into HR processes and systems. Prior to BlackRock, Anne was a Director in Talent at Deloitte and prior to that worked at Catalyst, where she directed a large study of women in the legal profession and advised clients on diversity strategies. Anne has also practiced law and clerked for a federal judge.

She received her Bachelor of Science Phi Beta Kappa from the University of California, Berkeley and her Juris Doctor cum laude from Harvard Law School.

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