GPS Your Career: Bonnie Marcus: Executive Gremlins: Beliefs That Prevent Effective Leadership and Performance

It takes tremendous resilience to succeed as a leader in business today. Executives are constantly trying to keep up with the changing world and make the right decisions for their company, their teams, and themselves. With all the clutter of information out there, how can executives focus to make the right decisions? What forces can derail them?

My guest this week, Dr. Jacqui Grey, says that their gremlins get in the way. The beliefs we have about ourselves contribute to how we behave and react and these beliefs can often lead us astray, cause us much anxiety and stress unless we deal with them, and keep us from being effective leaders.

Jacqui Grey, author of Executive Advantage: Resilient Leadership for the 21st Century, has worked globally for blue-chip companies on innovative leadership development programs and has a special interest in the development of top female talent. With a background in law and in HR at Board Level, she has worked for Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse, RBS,and Barclays, Cisco and many other leading companies. She has a doctorate in Executive Anxiety and presents regularly at leadership conferences and business schools.

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