BTB: Jane Wilkens Michael: A Heart to Heart with Queer Eye’s Karamo Brown

BTB: Jane Wilkens Michael: A Heart to Heart with Queer Eye's Karamo Brown

Jane’s special guest today is Karamo Brown, the trusted culture expert on the Netflix hit series Queer Eye, whose accolades, besides reality TV star, also include best-selling author, host, activist, producer, Dancing with the Stars contestant, and devoted dad. Karamo lives his life for others and gives much of his time to charities, politics and non-profits. Beloved by millions of fans, in these stressful times, Karamo has become a guiding light to those seeking ways to find happiness and emotional well-being, positive energy and increased self-esteem. On this episode, Karamo will discuss, among other important topics, the evolution of his career and reality shows in general, starting with his role on The Real World Philadelphia, how he prepares himself for intense interventions on Queer Eye and, as an expert in empathy, how he connects so deeply and wholeheartedly with people across all divides and how we, too, can be more empathetic to others. Learn how he encourages everyone to stay focused on their unique style, unique needs, and unique journey; and about his belief that comparison is the thief of joy. Furthermore, he shares the secrets to his flawless complexion and tips and tools on staying calm and centered. He also talks about his long time struggles with migraines and, to that end, his involvement with the Know Migraine Mission Initiative sponsored by Novartis that helps those who suffer from this debilitating condition, as well as anyone who wants to assist friends and loved ones who may experience them. All in all, listeners will be inspired by Karamo’s unstoppable energy, innate caregiver persona and heightened social awareness that will help them all lead lives that are Better Than Before.

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