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BTB: Jane Wilkens Michael Show: JUST BE YOU

An inspirational talk with Mallika Chopra – Jane’s very special guest today is media entrepreneur, best-selling author and world-renowned public speaker Mallika Chopra. In addition to all of her own remarkable and extensive achievements, Mallika has joined with her legendary father, Deepak Chopra, and also extremely accomplished brother, Gotham, to found the YouTube channel The

Better Than Before: Jane Wilkens Michael talks to Mallika Chopra

best selling author —- her latest book: Living with Intent: My Somewhat Messy Journey to Purpose, Peace and Joy! —- founder of Intent.com and The Chopra Well, and devoted mom to her two daughters. Mallika and Jane will talk about her personal journey that she chronicles in her new book, and what balance and purpose means to her — doing everything from going on a health retreat for the first time, dealing with her addiction to sugar and caffeine, recommitting to her meditation practice (yes, even as the daughter of Deepak Chopra she doesn’t meditate regularly), visiting the hugging guru (and realizing she doesn’t need one), and finding joy in her role as a soccer mom. The show will inspire hope in those who feel dissatisfied, encourage those who are eager to discover their own passions, and give us all the opportunity to support one another in our quest for balance and purpose, connection, and joy.