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Do You Feel the Holiday Magic?

Do You Feel the Holiday Magic?

Each year I share with you my message that I have always felt passionate about ‘the Magic of the Holidays’. And this year I’ve reviewed my blogs that go back to 2005 (LOL) to find some of the thoughts that have inspired me in the hopes that this will also inspire you to ‘remember this

News for the Heart: Laurie Huston & Tom Campbell discuss Magic of the Holiday Season

Today at noon EST, Laurie Huston from News the Heart is talking with physicist Tom Campbell on the creating the Magic of the Season this Holiday! He offers tips and tools for the Holidays to allow us to grow towards love instead of engaging in fear! Tom has a brilliant way to simplify our world into love vs fear. He discusses how to cultivate the ‘magic’ we feel during this season to extend into all areas of our lives everyday. We discuss how to shift our perceptions when we are feeling triggered by others, back to ourselves instead of trying to change them. Join us for this fascinating discussion! We’re Getting to the Heart of what Matters!

Will you be in the Magic of the Moment this Holiday Season?

When we are truly in the Magic of the Moment, we are giving from the heart with no expectations. We feel washed over with joy in just being. At the same time, we remain authentic to ourselves and do not compromise who we are. Hopefully you can close your eyes and recall exactly how this