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Women Leaders Are Now Viewed Just As Effective As Men

Women Leaders Are Now Viewed Just As Effective As Men

A new study published by the American Psychological Association reveals that women are perceived just as effective, sometimes more so, than men when it comes to leadership. In fact, they are seen as more effective in both middle management and senior leadership roles! The researchers in this study state that, “As organizations have become fast-paced,

Just Breathe!

2014 has been a challenging year for many people up until this point, with all the retrograde planets, the eclipses and the Grand Cardinal Cross (that is still present for quite a while, but not as direct as last week), sometimes it is hard to Breathe! However, I feel confident that all of this energy

NFTH: Laurie Huston Hangout: Free Will w/Guest David Watson

News for the Heart with host and producer Laurie Huston, joins David Watson who is a Life Strategist and Deep Trance Channeler on a discussion about FreeWill. David will be on News for the Heart every month. Join us for our next live taping on May 12th at 1PM EDT.