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7 Unwritten Rules Of The Office Your Boss Will Never Tell You

7 Unwritten Rules Of The Office Your Boss Will Never Tell You

Most organizations have policies and procedures. If you’re not sure what they are, a quick glance at the employee handbook will inform you of the rules as well as the expectations for codes of behavior and ethics. The rule book provides you with a road map for navigating the system. But almost immediately, you will


ZOE MOON ASTROLOGY WEEKLY HOROSCOPES JUNE 23-29   ARIES: Venus moves into your local arena bringing her charms and smoothing things out for you when it comes to brothers, sisters or neighbors, vehicles and electronics, talks, meetings, offers, agreements, and sales, writing and speaking roles, short trips and local activities, and the big decisions you

Breaking Through the Invisible Boundaries of Global Business

If you’re working in France and a man tells you that you look pretty or he comments that you have on a lovely suit, most American women would assume that he is not taking her seriously. “Why aren’t they looking at my work? If you’re talking about the way I look, you’re not listening to

Moving From A ‘Doer’ To A Leader

Many of my clients and women I meet at my workshops are stuck in the trap of “doing” and this trap prevents them from advancing their careers. They are literally stuck. Perhaps you too can identify with being caught in the trap of doing your job, doing favors and work for others, and being the