BTB: Jane Wilkens Michael Show: An (i)Heart to (i)Heart Talk with Z100’s Skeery Jones

Skeery Jones, Jane’s special guest, is not only an on-air personality on iHeartRadio’s super popular Elvis Duran Show, which broadcasts live each day on Z100, he is also the Executive Producer. And he does so much more. He is also the co-host of the weekly Brooklyn Boys podcast that was nominated—and won 2nd place—for Best Comedy Podcast at this year’s iHeartRadio’s Podcast Awards. There is, however, a serious side to the multi-talented Skeery, and that is his involvement with Novartis and the Multiple Sclerosis (MS) community. Indeed, last month Skeery was the host of A Night for MS Awareness, a virtual event on iHeartRadio that celebrated the resilient spirit of those living with MS. To that end, iHeartRadio and Novartis continue this mission by recently launching a new platform—MS Vibes—which is the first and only free, on-demand streaming station that, through music and the MS Journey podcast, is designed to uplift and recharge those impacted by MS, and serve as a place of empowerment, learning and understanding. In this episode, Skeery discusses how he started in radio, how he works hard to make his life hassle, drama and worry free. Furthermore, he talks about the effect of MS on his loved ones and shares his tips and tools on how those experiencing any life-altering event can still learn to live Better Than Before.

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