BTB: Jane Wilkens Michael Show: Doctor on Call

Dr. Drew on feeling Better Than Before after COVID – Jane’s guest today is the world-renowned internist and addiction specialist, best-selling author, and prolific television, radio and podcasting host, Dr. Drew Pinsky. Dr. Drew, who has appeared on virtually every national and cable network, and hosted such award-winning shows as Loveline, Dr. Drew On Call, Lifechangers, Celebrity Rehab with Dr Drew, The Dr. Drew Podcast, This Life with Dr. Drew, and the digital #AskDrDrew and Dose of Dr. Drew, has informed and inspired generations of patients and devoted fans alike for decades. On this segment, Dr. Drew discusses, among other topics, his fascinating career and how COVID-19 has impacted addiction in general and his own personal experience with recovering from the virus and its lingering aftereffects. To that end, he also shares advice for how listeners can restart their lives, even during the pandemic, and use the time wisely to better themselves. Furthermore, Dr. Drew talks about his personal health and wellness regime and why he chose to get involved with Aditext and AditexScore, a revolutionary new technology which provides a personalized comprehensive profile of our immune systems and how it responds to various diseases and therapies.

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