BTB: Jane Wilkens Michael Show: Modern Health and Wellness

Julie Bowen discusses her new docuseries – Jane’s guest, for an encore performance, is the fabulous Julie Bowen. After 11 years and two Emmy wins from her role as the hilarious Claire Dunphy in Modern Family, Julie is pursuing new and exciting opportunities. In addition to starring in critically acclaimed movies and an upcoming TV sitcom, Julie is also the narrator of a powerful new 4-part docuseries called “Population Health.” Produced by Attention and Rally Health, the series examines consumer perceptions, concerns and challenges related to preventive care in general and the impact of COVID-19. In four parts, the shows cover such diverse topics as heart health and mental well-being, and why taking small steps is essential even while taking a holistic approach. On our episode today, and joined by noted physician Dr. Elmo Agatep for his medical perspective, Julie opens up about her own heart issues and gives us a peek into the health-conscious lifestyle that she shares with her three young sons. Listeners will learn how to best prevent disease in the future and be motivated to manage all aspects of their health to look and feel Better Than Before.

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