BTB: Jane Wilkens Michael: The Eyes Have It

A renowned optometrist on optimal eye care – Our eyes are not only the windows to our soul, but they also give us an insight into our overall health. So says Jane’s special guest today, the highly distinguished Dr. Barbara Horn, a dedicated doctor of optometry, based in North Carolina, and the current President of the American Optometric Association. On this segment, Dr. Horn will discuss how to shield and protect our eyes from the harmful effects of such assailants as the Coronavirus and the blue light that is emitted from an excessive use of screens. You will definitely want to hear about the critical 20-20-20 test, as well as Dr. Horn addressing such diverse topics as eyestrain, dry eye and a possible breakthrough in contact lenses. Learn, too, how an annual exam by your doctor of optometry can go way beyond just how well we see to detecting major health issues such as strokes, diabetes,  glaucoma, hypertension, high cholesterol, and neurological disorders. Furthermore, Dr. Horn gives us a glimpse into the latest eye care technology and lifestyle tips and tools to ensure that your vision remains Better Than Before forever more.

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