BTB: Jane Wilkens Michael talks Making a Splash

A talk with an Olympic swimming legend – Jane’s guest today is Rowdy Gaines, the renowned, three-time Olympic gold medalist and International Swimming Hall of Fame member, once known as the world’s fastest human being. Today, he’s a celebrated sportscaster and analyst for major networks such as CBS, NBC and ESPN. Yet with all his accolades and accomplishments, this greatest American sprint freestyler of his time, also faced a serious setback. Indeed, for the past twenty years he has been dealing with hearing loss. On today’s segment, Rowdy discusses how the discreet, barely visible devices made by Eargo, the leader in hearing aid technology, have make him victorious over his auditory  issues.  And you will hear Rowdy talk about how the Olympic athletes of today enhance their speed, power and stamina through the latest nutrition and training regimens. He also shares his personal nutrition and fitness program, as well as lifestyle tips on how he still keeps in top shape, physically and mentally.  All in all, Rowdy’s positive attitude and sensible advice will help us all, athletes or otherwise, look and feel Better Than Before.

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