BTB: Jane Wilkens Michael talks to Lyndie Benson

Fashion Forward – Bleusalt, a collection of exquisitely soft, made in America, luxury essentials are the compelling creations of the keen eye, fashion sense and ne plus ultra personal style of its dynamic founder, Lyndie Benson. A paean to the beauty of her beloved Malibu Beach, the line combines the raw beauty of nature and the spirit of the ocean with an easy, elegant comfort that has become a must-have for such A-list celebrities as Cindy Crawford and Patrick Dempsey, to name but two. On this segment, Lyndie talks with Jane about the challenges of having to start over after her decades-long marriage to musician Kenny G ended. Listeners will hear her inspiring advice and lifestyle tips on how she overcame a host of obstacles and, through sheer determination and unwavering drive and passion, was able to create what is rapidly becoming one of the world’s foremost trend-setting fashion brands. Indeed, Lyndie Benson is living proof that it is never too late to become Better Than Before.

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