BTB: Jane Wilkens Michael Show talks with Top Chef Sam Talbot

A Talk with Culinary Superstar Sam Talbot
Jane’s guest today is the celebrated chef, Sam Talbot. Voted “Fan Favorite” on Bravo TV’s hit reality show, Top Chef, Sam, who is also a best selling author, is the founding Executive Chef of some of the trendiest restaurants in New York City–and beyond. Aside from being a successful restaurateur and entrepreneur, he has also established himself as the go-to chef for some of Hollywood’s biggest names. Yet with all his acclaim and accomplishments, Sam has had to deal with a very personal physical challenge on a daily basis. Indeed, he was diagnosed with  Type 1 diabetes at the age of twelve and has devoted much of his adult years to inspiring the diabetes community to live longer and happier lives. On today’s segment, Sam and Jane talk about his new campaign with Medtronic Diabetes and his recently launched, non-profit organizationBEYOND TYPE 1, that aims to show how revolutionary tech can help those living with diabetes avoid the disease’s debilitating highs and lows. Listeners will hear Sam’s inspirational journey, the relationship between food and health, how diabetes technology makes living with the condition less of a burden, and learn quick tips on how to enjoy food more, and worry a little less.  Understanding the impact of food on life and life on food will help everyone feel Better Than Before.jan

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