BTB: Jane Wilkens Michael Show – Giant Leap for Woman Kind

Jane’s guest today is the distinguished Namira Salim, a woman whose triumphs and milestones have catapulted her sky high—and beyond. Indeed, Pakistani-born Namira, who now divides her time between Monaco and Abu Dhabi, is a space diplomat, pioneering polar explorer, artist, songwriter, jewelry designer, and a future astronaut! She is currently preparing for the momentous role of being the first South Asian Space Tourist to exit the stratosphere. This will be aboard Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic, the first private space-line of the world.  Namira has firmly established herself as a woman of “firsts” — the  first Pakistani, and first woman from Monaco, at the North Pole in April 2007, and at the South Pole in January 2008, as well as the first Asian to skydive (tandem) over Mount Everest (called the earth’s third pole) in October 2008. At all three poles, she hoisted a universal peace flag. In this segment, Namira discusses her incredible achievements past, present and future, and how multi-national space travel will further our initiatives for space being the new frontier for peace. She also both encourages and inspires listeners to follow their own dreams and, in doing so, start to live a life that is Better Than Before.

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