BTB: Jane Wilkens Michael talks Driving Force with Jason Day

PGA golf champ Jason Day swings into action – One of the most renowned professional golfers today, Jane’s guest, Jason Day, has notched 12 career PGA Tour victories, including a Major title at the 2015 PGA Championship. He became the world’s #1 ranked player in 2016 after winning four of his last six events to end the 2015 season. He then went on to hold the top spot for a total of 51 weeks, and continues to contend in every tournament he plays, evidenced by Top-25 finishes in 16 of his 20 starts last season. But despite the incredible victories, there have been daunting challenges. In fact, Jason nearly gave up the sport after his mom, Dening, was diagnosed with lung cancer. But after getting a second opinion and learning more about the disease, his outlook changed. He is now focused on helping his beloved mother on her journey to wellness by raising awareness about what everyone needs to know for a complete and accurate lung cancer analysis. To that end, he has teamed up with pharmaceutical giant AztraZeneca on Test it Back, a new campaign that encourages patients with newly discovered Stage IV non-small cell lung cancer to ask their doctor about biomarker testing—sometimes referred to as molecular testing or mutation testing. This breakthrough technology can help them and their physicians find the appropriate treatment options, which, in Dening’s case, has happily proved to be effective. On this segment, Jason talks with Jane about his mom and the Test it Back campaign, as well as the lifestyle regimen that keeps him at the top of his game.

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