Healing is Remembering You Are Whole!

As most of you know by now I look for my inspiration from my life. I dedicate my work to Growing and Evolving towards Love within myself first! So, when I connect with someone or a class I feel inspired to take, I will. This month Emmanuel Dagher is promoting his Core Attunements work that begins Sunday August 14th for 5 weeks. If you sign up by August 10th you receive “A Clear Path to Healing” attunement that I have received and that is the inspiration for this Blog! It is packed full of incredible information on Healing and confirms much of my work. What I want to discuss is the core belief that “Healing is Remembering You Are Whole”! How inspiring is That! Think about the possibilities this suggests!

When we feel separate from Source and our Inner Self we believe we have to heal, change or fix ourselves or others. We believe this because we don’t feel our connection to Source. We feel broken and ‘not enough’! We are driven to try to fix or change ourselves and often do this by searching outside of ourselves. We seek someone or something that will fix, change or heal our thoughts, our bodies, our emotions and our Soul/Spirit. As discussed in my last blog on Addictions to Wholeness we become addicted because we don’t remember who we are and that we are already ‘whole’ within ourselves. We become addicted to searching outside ourselves for the answer that lies within. That answer is that we are already ‘Whole’! We don’t need to change or fix ourselves and healing occurs when we remember this ‘truth’.

Now we know that ‘things happen’ and we will never have complete control over anything that ‘happens’. However, we can be in charge of how we respond and we can choose Love instead of reacting from a place of fear. We only react when we take things personally. We take things personally because we forget ‘Who we are’ and that we are already ‘Whole and Perfect’. True freedom comes when we stop seeking outside ourselves and know what can only be offered from within. True freedom comes when we stop our ‘addictions’ which distract ourselves from discomfort and from feeling all the beliefs we have that we are Broken and Not Enough. This is when we can stand in ourselves and, like Matt Kahn says, “Whatever Arises, Love That”. Love it and remember that we are already Whole. We have a Divine Spark within us that is Infinite and Whole!

Things happen and we can choose to come from a place of Love instead of Fear. We can choose to connect to that Infinite BEing within us that is Whole and Knows it is Perfect just as it is. When we stand in a place of BEing empowered we remember. When we get caught up in the Fear – and fear permeates the collective unconscious of this planet so there’s a lot of fear – we then believe we have to change, fix and heal something within ourselves or someone or situation outside ourselves. This is how we forget and this is when ‘healing’ loses the Magick that we inherently are.

Let me give an example of what I’m saying: this month I had to have a root canal on a back molar. Ten years ago I was told I would likely have to have a root canal on this tooth. This month I remembered why I am terrified of dentists (after my dentist asked me to meditate while she was doing a cleaning as she refused to fill the tooth that needed a root canal): when I was 6 or 7 I ran into a wall and chipped my tooth. The dentist that we had told my parents and everyone (including our insurance) that I had to have a root canal on this tooth because it was exposing a nerve. I discovered many years later this root canal was never done and he lied. However, I believe now he was a bit of a sadist and this lie gave him an opportunity to torture me without the proper local anesthetic for a couple of hours. My mom remembers me screaming the whole time. So this fear began a long mistrust in authority figures! This kind of mistrust impacts almost every area of my life. It sets up a pattern of mistrust and a belief that others can have power over me. So I kept putting off the procedure.

However avoidance and ignorance won’t make something go away. We already tried this with our addictions. Pretending they aren’t there won’t help us to BE Whole or to remember our Infinite Self.  Now it is possible that I could have ‘healed’ this from ever having to occur but as I said “things happen” and I had delayed it out of fear for too long. Things happen because we need to remember and in this case ‘heal’ my fear around a distrust of authority figures (which I may have never realized if it wasn’t through this dental surgery). The gift in ‘healing’ may not be what we want (not having to ever go to a dentist) but can certainly be what we need – which is to heal a belief that is disempowering!

Things will continue to happen in our lives and our choice is to Remember Who we Are. To choose Love over fear. To Remember we are always Whole. Our bodies are temporary and borrowed. We can grow in changing our beliefs. I couldn’t trust dentists so I ignored and avoided them. I chose Fear! Freedom comes from choosing LOVE regardless of what happens and remembering the Magick of our Infinite Self. This empowers us to Remember our Wholeness and experience the Infiniteness of our True Self. Is there anything you are still living in fear of? How can you Remember the Magick of YOU that is Infinite and Whole?

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