Experiences don’t create our beliefs… Our beliefs create our experiences!

We often live with the expectation that our experiences seem to dictate our beliefs; that everything that ‘happens’ to us creates, proves or justifies what we believe about the world. However, it is what we believe that is creating our experiences and until we accept this, until we look at the underlying belief we have about our experiences, we continue to add energy to our story that our beliefs are justified because of our experience. We get caught in a loop of justifying to the world why these things keep happening to us and reliving all the experiences that validate what we feel, but we are just adding to this energy to recreate more of the experiences we have.

Does this make sense?

I had a belief about fairness in this world, that it is unfair, and the world would prove this through my experiences – including the betrayals that I perceived ‘happened to me’. However the truth is I believed  (like many if not all of us do) that I am separate from God as in: God is there; I am here. Therefore I felt separate and alone so I would experience abandonment. And usually some of the bigger experiences of abandonment would include betrayal. I would relive all the abandonment experiences because I had to prove that the world was unjust, scary and unfair, and continue to build on this, my story.

Ultimately what needed to change was for me to understand the underlying fear of separation that led to me believing the world wasn’t safe and, instead, to find Trust and Faith in God/Source/Universe. Learning to trust wasn’t about the ‘other’ person abandoning or betraying me because the outside influence couldn’t really change – or my perception of the outside couldn’t change – until I could identify from a Soul level who I was and then to change or accept what I was believing within me first. Who I was needed to come from a Soul level. I needed to identify the underlying message my Soul had been guiding me towards.

The amazing piece of this is that my Soul has been guiding me through my beliefs, through my perceptions of my experiences, and through my understanding of who I am at a Soul level. My Soul has been reminding me that everything is in Divine Order and everything is perfect for our Soul’s growth. This means that every false belief, every perceived heartache, is pushing us towards our Soul’s Purpose.

We are like this giant jigsaw puzzle, every experience, every choice, every trigger, and everything that happens and that we react to, is our Soul guiding us to grow and allowing us to align from the inside, to connect to our ‘pure essence’, and to remember who we are. Nothing that happens is a mistake! Isn’t that amazing? Our Soul is guiding us every step on this journey – even when we feel very disconnected and separate. It is all part of the ‘bigger plan’ that we set up to assist us to remember.

However, we still need to piece all the jigsaw together to get a clear picture of what we believe and this sometimes seems a little difficult because when we hurt we are pushed towards making the pain stop and this is so commonly done through distracting ourselves with any one of our many addictions: TV, alcohol, drugs, sex, food etc. These distractions do not really clear anything  up  but rather they often create more struggle and pain until we can pay attention to our Soul guiding us.

It is unfortunate that we only grow through struggle and pain – and of course even that is a choice. In fact the more awake we become the less struggle and pain we need to remind ourselves and the more we connect with our Divine Essence, the less time it takes to embrace who we are.

So how do we navigate through our beliefs to uncover our Truth? We all kind of accept the theory that we are all One, that we come from Source, that everything is energy – including ourselves, and that ultimately we all came from Source. So, when we come up against a belief like the one in which we are always ‘abandoned’ and have all these experiences to prove it, then we should know this isn’t ‘truth’!

So if that is the case – and you can accept this basic concept: that we all come from Source – then the error must lie within, not outside ourselves. Source, after all, wouldn’t make us or anyone else imperfect, nor are we victims to these outside beliefs. Therefore it is probably within the aspect of us that is man-made, our Ego, not our Soul. It is our fears, that come from our Ego, that block us from seeing our truth. It is the Ego that insists on analyzing, fixing, changing everyone and everything outside of ourselves and if we are completely unable to do this we often then blame everything on ourselves – sometimes after we have failed at blaming everything on those people and things outside of ourselves. So when we blame things on ourselves, it’s an inside belief that we aren’t good enough to be loved, aren’t worthy or some similar belief around feeling separate and alone in the world!

It is the Ego that tries to make everything that is happening in our world as happening to “us”, because our Ego has personalized it. But these are not ‘truth’: things that happen are not actually happening to us, they just happen. We give them the power to affect us and we view them in a certain light based on what we believe. We create our experiences from our Beliefs.

It is our Soul’s gift to guide us by shining the light on what we are here to BE. And our tests come from how we define our experiences. An example is my perception of betrayal that is really helping me understand my issue of ‘safety’ and ‘trust’. I needed to experience all this abandonment and betrayal for me to come into alignment with my Soul’s guidance – knowing that my Soul will always guide me towards my path of BEing. So no matter what happens my Soul is safe and I can trust that all is in Divine Order. Even my recent discomforts with my health have been to remind me that this journey isn’t to change what happens but to embrace what I have been learning and give it a voice. This journey here is to connect with that Infinite knowledge and Bliss within me and to share it with the world – in whatever capacity that looks like. It is my constant desire to connect within that brings me to a state of expansion and LOVE. It reminds me of the exuberance I AM! It has allowed me to uncover deeper gifts and a feeling of BEing with my Soul.

I invite you to listen to all the beliefs you have and uncover the Magic that lies within when you can connect and are gently guided towards your own unique Soul’s Purpose, the Essence of YOU! Your Soul is guiding you to become Who you are, and assists you to create your own inner beliefs so you can embrace your experiences with an Open Heart.

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