What are your Dreams of Love?

As we move into the month of February, it always brings up love. Or maybe it is just one of my favorite topics. We want it, want it to be better or are getting it elsewhere (this can mean a casual relationship outside your relationship, or settling for something else because you have stopped expecting you will ever find it!). Love is a complicated thing. Our media hypes it to be all about the beginning, the chase and the capture. Yet, rarely does it show the difficulties within a relationship. I’m going to have author Jessica Shepherd talk about two of her most recent books, Venus Signs and Karmic Mates, where we’ll get to the Heart of what Matters with regards to Love and Astrology. She has an interesting concept of planets in the 5th house showing our Karmic relationships. I will interview her live on Tuesday February 3rd and produced on Monday February 9th.

As I explain to my clients, relationships are a lot of work!! The media portrays the fairy-tale image of relationships and as if that wasn’t difficult enough, we live in a society of serial daters who are unable to commit. However, it is also challenging because once you “land” the relationship, this is NOT the hardest part. The hard part is maintaining the relationship. The hard part is staying balanced, committed, open and willing to work through your triggers. Our intimate relationships are our surest way to grow and evolve spiritually. They also bring up all the patterns that we continue to create and react to. However, this month I want to talk about the “Dream of Love”!

The dream I’m referring to is the most magnificent vision of love you can imagine. When you think about love, what is it you desire most? Think of qualities like committed, authentic, confident, and inspirational etc.. Often the biggest mistake we make is when we think about the “whom” we desire the most! This limits what the Universe wants to deliver, but it also holds the “who” in a pattern that they can’t seem to get out of. It also doesn’t leave us room to dream!! By thinking that it has to be just one person, we can’t see that person changing, and we stay stuck as well. Instead think about the most alluring Dream you can imagine! Dare to Dream about all the beauty that a relationship can hold. Dream about what a relationship can offer you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Often when we are in a relationship, large areas of this dream aren’t being met. And of course, although we would like to blame it on the “other”, it is our own limitations that hold ourselves and our partner in a pattern. Because we don’t dare to dream!

It’s easy when love has gone, because we can start over, but we are still limited by our own lack of imagination for a better life (we may settle because we are too afraid of being alone or we may not trust again for fear of being hurt, so we reject everyone first). When we are in a relationship, it really is the same; we fear the dream, because we believe it means that we will have to leave the person we are with. Yet, if you can dream, and dream big, and be open to all possibilities, you can free both of you from the stuck patterns you are in. The only thing we can’t do is change someone else, but since the problem is never with the other person, it is only us that we have to be prepared to change. If we can change our limited vision of what the relationship is, then we can open up to the possibilities that are all around us.

Forget about whether there is or isn’t a person in our life, and just Dream about Love in all the beauty that it can deliver to us (without the media’s vision of a fairy-tale love that can’t exist) and envision how a relationship will complement our lives and know that it will push us to be better. Let’s begin to dream a vision of equality, balance, spiritually and emotional fulfillment in our relationships. Dare to dream of a partnership with someone that encourages the best of whom we are and the best of who they are so you will both flourish! Challenge yourself to find the courage to be open to love unfolding without setting it into the boundaries of our patterns and their patterns. Love can express itself as the Dream you truly desire, in the relationship you truly desire. Unleash your dreams and invite yourself to open to a relationship in your life that truly reflects who you are in all your infinite love!

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